In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Art, a word as extended as the entire universe which is impossible to find a definition for it.


What is art? Who is an artist? Who can deny the existence of art, while itís impossible to live without art and


acquire the tranquility that humanity has been always yearning for since its birth to the apocalypse. Itís not


unfair to say those who consider artist and his shallow art , are those who rise revolt Flag against the God.


Because God is the most artistic.


The best musician.


The most creative Sculptors and the one true master of writers.


Yes, heís an absolute art. And that art witch is leak from his Creatureís...just shows slightly part of his art.


The gift witch is given to small groups of people.


But those small groups will create a never ending joy for many people.


If we canít comfort others, letís not turn our backs to the beauty of the tranquility that art offers us.


Our wish is your Convenience and peace of mind.


کلید واژه مشتاق  نقاشی  مکتب  گالری  کلاسیک  مینیاتور رنگ و روغن هنر طراحی رباعیات  خیام  تابلو  سفارش  خرید  تاریخ  ایران  آموزشگاه  اثر  هنرمند    روم اساطیری تروا هلن پاریس اسلام  اسلامی سرخپوست رئال  رئالیست  مشهد  مصور  تجسمی تخیلی  نادرشاه افشار امام حضرت  حسین  علی تدریس فروش هنری فانتزی باستان افسانه رویایی استاد  آبرنگ سیاه قلم سبک سنتی  ملی نقاش قاب آتلیه سایت  مجموعه زیبا منظره طبیعت بی جان گمشده امپراتوری پارس پارسی خاور میانه خاورمیانه جنگ انجمن نقاشان سفارش تابلو نقاشی خرید تابلو نقاشی نقاشی مدرن نقاشی کلاسیک Key Words : Moshtagh  Painting Gallery Classic Art Design Robaiat Khayyam Picture Image History Iran Artist World Miniature color oil institute order Buy  Drawing Mashhad  imagine imagination Islamic real Rome Greek civilization troy Helen Paris Indian red skin king Nader imam hossain  ali fantasy myth mythology epic romantic master fine pen pencil method tradition national site collection shop beautiful dream paint landscape nature web lost empire Persian Persia middle east war ancient